fredag 3 april 2020

Den obarmhärtiga vårsolen

gör klart för mig att jag borde putsa fönstren!

illustration, 1884
Auguste Andre Lan

Men det får vara till ett annat år.  Men vore jag en god husmor, och hade den där sortens fönster som skallrar så fort det blåser en smula, så skulle jag kanske behöva en fönsterputsvakt. 

Window Cleaning Guard, from the New Illustrated Catalogue 
of Garden Implements, Garden Furniture and Requisites, 
published by Wrinch & Sons, 1893

A ladder appeared at my window today 
It comes every Monday, not long does it stay 
Stopping for nothing, a man with a leather 
Climbed rung by rung and in all kinds of weather

His bucket of water is always so dirty 
I daren’t say a word as he often gets shirty 
He splattered my windows with smears oh so many 
Then asked for his money and checked every penny

Each week it’s the same windows splattered with muck 
And I can’t see a lot through my filthy outlook 
One thing I know you can see where he’s been 
But I wish just for once that my windows were clean
                                          David Threadgold

En önskan jag delar med David!

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