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Gutenberg och ett hälsosamt leverne

Idioter som med svårighet lära sig 
något annat, finna stort nöje i väfnad, 
och hvarje barn för öfrigt lär sig det 
med verklig förtjusning.
ur förordet till Praktisk Väfbok tillegnad den 
idoga Svenska qvinnan, av Nina v. Engeström (1896)

 Det går att hitta en hel del hälsoråd hos Gutenberg — jag misstänker nästan att var och en kan hitta råd som överensstämmer med den egna övertygelsen. Praktiskt, det blir ju lättare att följa dem då.
Nu senast har jag studerat "The Healthy Life, Vol. V, Nos. 24-28, The Independent Health Magazine" från 1913. Redaktören  Charles William Daniel, och hans hustru Florence, förefaller att ha varit häslofanatiker, vilket ofta, men inte alltid, passar mig bra. Det var nog inte så stor skillnad, mellan dem som då förespråkade ett vegetariskt leverne och friluftsliv, och dem som idag försöker övertyga oss om diverse dieters fördelar, och om vikten att vara närvarande här och nu.
Artikeln av Minnie Brown om "Health and Joy in Hand-weaving, fångar naturligtvis mitt intresse.
Hand-weaving is an art, a handicraft, one aspect of which we are apt to forget—namely, that it is a splendid health-giver. Indeed, all who have felt the rhythm of the loom, as they throw the shuttle to and fro, and in blending colours and seeing the material grow thread by thread, can witness to the power of the work to banish both the large and small worries that eat away our health of mind and body. The hand-weaver learns to look upon his (or her) loom as a very good friend.
_ _ _
One very satisfactory thing about weaving is the fact that from the very first we can use the things woven, even those we learn on.
First, there is plain weaving, with which we can make dress materials and many things for household use. Then come fancy and striped materials, which require more knowledge and ingenuity.
There are endless varieties in bands of different patterns thrown in with the shuttle, or shuttles, sometimes as many as a dozen of which may be in use at a time. These can be used for the purpose of ornamentation. In weaving these no end of play of colour can be made, by using many colours in rotation, either as the groundwork of plain material, under the patterns, or as the pattern itself.
_ _ _

 Many people are now realising that we are surrounded by a halo of colour woven by our character—the most highly developed people being surrounded by clear, bright colours. It is strictly true that we are all weavers, every day of our lives. By following the laws of nature we make the finest texture composed of all the most glorious colours or qualities in the Universe, so by degrees bringing ourselves, and others, into perfect harmony and peace.
Jag tror visst att vävning är välgörande — om man tycker att det är roligt, men långt ifrån alla gör det. För min mor, som kunde väva, var det ett straff i klass med vatten och bröd på fästning, att vara tvungen att väva. Däremot skulle hon säkert ha tyckt att det var roligt att bygga en vävstol.
Anyone with a knowledge of carpentry can make his own loom, the construction being of a very simple nature. In fact, the Orientals erect a few sticks, dig a hole in the ground to sit in, tie their warp up to a tree, and then produce the most charming work, both in texture and colour.
Artikeln " HEALTHY HOMEMAKING" ger mig dåligt samvete:
The larder should be thoroughly “turned out” once a week. Once a fortnight is enough for the store-cupboard and for china cupboards in daily use. While cupboards in which superfluous china and other non-perishable goods are stored, and that are seldom opened, need not be touched oftener than once or twice a year.
och jag tänker inte tala om hur sällan jag vänder ut och in på min handkammare — men det är så sällan att jag faktiskt inte vet, när jag gjorde det sist.

En läsare undrar hur hennes man kan bota sin ischias  svaret fascinerar mig:
This pain is evidence of sciatica. Chills alone will not produce sciatica, which has its real cause in the system being choked up with acids and toxins of various kinds. In such a case as this, warm water enemas should be taken freely to clear the colon well; sugar, milk and all starchy mushy foods should be strictly avoided; vegetables should be taken either as baked roots or as fresh salads; eggs and cheese should be substituted for meat; and plenty of fresh butter should be taken. Boiled water, between meals, will be good, but nothing should be given to drink with food. Salt, pickles, and greasy or highly flavoured foods should be avoided.

Så stänger jag dagens hälsohörna med:
Mrs M. McC. writes:—In your book, Onions and Cress, on p. 49, it is stated that the juice of onions mixed with honey will change the colour of hair from grey to black. Will you be kind enough to tell me in what proportion these should be mixed, as, of course, if not in a proper mixture, the hair would become so clogged. And will you also kindly tell me how one is to extract the juice from the onions, whether they are to be boiled or squeezed when raw.
With regard to the use of a mixture of onion juice and honey as a hair restorative the reader of my little book must remember that it is largely a compilation of quotations from old herbal books, and it gives the history, use and folklore of these interesting edibles. I am not responsible for this recipe and cannot therefore vouch for its utility. We know, however, that onions contain a wonderful sulphured oil and that sulphur in one form or another is an important ingredient of most hair preparations which restore colour. The raw juice evidently should be used, and this can be extracted either by pounding and grating and then extracting the juice under pressure, or it can be readily obtained in any quantity by putting onions through the Enterprise Juice Press. The amount of honey, I think, to be added to this juice should be very small, otherwise, as our correspondent surmises, the preparation would be very sticky and objectionable. Would any reader care to try this and report upon it?
Det är nog i senaste laget att rapportera till tidskriften, men blogga gärna om resultatet!

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