söndag 25 september 2016

Ute och cyklar

Girl on a Bicycle C1896 
Joseph Crawhall


As to rules of politeness for bicyclers, one who is a true lady will show herself to be one as surely when riding a wheel as at any other time, not only by her costume, which will be unobtrusive in color, cut, and adjustment, but by her manner, which will be even more quiet and self-possessed than usual, as she well knows that by mounting a wheel she makes herself more or less conspicuous. It goes without saying that she will not ride fast enough to attract undue attention; that she will not chew gum; and that she will not allow advances from strangers, who may, like herself, be on a wheel, and, to all appearances, may be gentlemen. Neither will she ride off alone after dark, nor take long rides in the evening attended only by an escort. In the daytime, when out only with a man friend, she will avoid stopping to rest under the trees and in out of the way places. Too much care cannot be taken, especially by young girls, as to appearances. Their very innocence and ignorance lays them open to criticism.
Det är så tryggt att veta hur man ska uppföra sig. Bara ett klick, och jag får svar på alla mina undringar  den här gången i boken  "Practical Etiquette", by Cora C. (N. C.) Klein, 1899, som Gutenberg tillhandahåller.

2 kommentarer:

  1. det är kanske bra att jag slutat cykla - i alla fall i stockholm, eftersom jag inser att jag nog inte har några passande cykelkläder. fast jag är ju varken ung eller en "true lady".
    väldigt snygg klädsel, kanske skulle vara passande också för promenader?

    1. Debbie,
      Ja, visst är hon snyggt klädd. Kanske får sy mig en skjorta med fårbogsärmar, och en grå vadmalskjol - en hatt som passar, har jag nog.
      Men cyklandet tänker jag inte ta upp! Vi kan ju promenera tillsammans.