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Grattis Dante!

självporträtt 1847
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
1May 1828 – 9 April 1882

  The cuckoo-throb, the heartbeat of the Spring;
  The rosebud's blush that leaves it as it grows
  Into the full-eyed fair unblushing rose;
  The summer clouds that visit every wing
  With fires of sunrise and of sunsetting;
  The furtive flickering streams to light re-born
  'Mid airs new-fledged and valorous lusts of morn,
  While all the daughters of the daybreak sing:—

  These ardour loves, and memory: and when flown
  All joys, and through dark forest-boughs in flight
  The wind swoops onward brandishing the light,
  Even yet the rose-tree's verdure left alone
  Will flush all ruddy though the rose be gone;
  With ditties and with dirges infinite.

 Många (bland andra jag), anser att Dante Gabriel var bättre poet än konstnär — vilket på intet sätt betyder att han inte var en skicklig konstnär.
Familjen Rossetti var en begåvad och intressant familj, alla fyra barnen diktade och/eller målade — och deras vänner tycks alla ha varit lika talangfulla.
Det finns rätt mycket att läsa om dem alla — gör det!
Pia de' Tolomei c. 1868

  O Lord of all compassionate control,
  O Love! let this my lady's picture glow
  Under my hand to praise her name, and show
  Even of her inner self the perfect whole:
  That he who seeks her beauty's furthest goal,
  Beyond the light that the sweet glances throw
  And refluent wave of the sweet smile, may know
  The very sky and sea-line of her soul.

  Lo! it is done. Above the long lithe throat
  The mouth's mould testifies of voice and kiss,
  The shadowed eyes remember and foresee.
  Her face is made her shrine. Let all men note
  That in all years (O Love, thy gift is this!)
  They that would look on her must come to me.

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