tisdag 12 juni 2012

Grattis Harriet!

 Harriet Martineau
12 juni 1802 – 27 juni 1876

En spännande författare som arbetade hårt för att bilda allmänheten — på alla områden, inte bara när det gällde jämställdhet.

I sin bok ”Household Education” från 1849 skriver hon:
It is a common saying that every child thinks his father the wisest man in the world. This is very natural; as parents are their children's fountains of knowledge. To them their children come for anything they want to know: and by them they are generally satisfied. But every wise parent has occasion to say, now and then—"I do not know, my dear." The surprise of the child on first hearing that there is anything that his parents do not know fixes the fact in his mind. When he has once discovered that his parents have something more to learn, he becomes aware — and this also ought to be fixed in his mind—that their education is not finished; and that it is their business, as it is his, to learn something more every day, as long as they live.

Många av hennes böcker finns hos Gutenberg.

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