onsdag 22 januari 2020

Te & pepparkakor

 Tea Time
Emile Alfred Dezaunay

 Tea And Gingersnaps

i fall asleep
in class one day
not really
just dozing
but the
t e a c h e r
is mad
she yells
and sends A NOTE home.

is under
my bed.

i dont want my mom
to s e e.
but if she doesnt call my teacher
then the t e a c h e r
will have a conference.

so i walk in
the stupid letter
and e x p l a i n
in one

my mom
hugs me
and makes

tea and gingersnaps.

then she teellls me
i should
get more sleep
but n o t in class.

she hugs m e again
and we finish our t e a a n d g i n g e r s n a p s. 
                             Elle Harris

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