söndag 19 januari 2020

Söndag eftermiddag

A Quiet Half-Hour
 Lionel Charles Henley

Sunday Afternoon

The room is lit,
With a heavenly light,
The silence profound,
It's as though I'm alone,
No-one else on Earth.

No wishes do I have,
I am totally serene,
What more do I want,
Freedom I have,
Love I don't need,
Peace engulfs me.

It's Sunday afternoon,
It's always like this,
I miss no-one,
I am whole though alone,
One with the universe,
Thank God.

Not the same during the week,
It's stressful at work,
Useless comments,
Lack of help,
No co-operation,
Teamwork doesn't exist,
Jealousies yes,
One can't please people like that! 

                   Holly Moon

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