fredag 9 augusti 2019

Ge mig en katt om dagen

I should like to explain to her, if I dared, that my desk is small, littered with many papers, and sadly overcrowded with the useful inutilities which affectionate friends delight in giving me at Christmas time. 

 Agrippina’s beautifully ringed tail flapping across my copy distracts my attention, and imperils the neatness of my penmanship. Even when she is disposed to be affable, turns the light of her countenance upon me, watches with attentive curiosity every stroke I make, and softly, with curved paw, pats my pen as it travels over the paper,—even in these halcyon moments, though my self-love is flattered by her condescension, I am aware that I should work better and more rapidly if I denied myself this charming companionship.

Kanske har du fått nog av kattlitteratur de senaste dagarna — det har varit gott om kattläsningstips på nätet på sistone — men skulle någon behöva en extra kattdos så läs om Agrippina i Agnes Reppliers novellsamling "Idleness". Ägs du av en katt, eller har ägts av en katt, så känner du dig hemma i den här berättelsen om Agrippina.

 It were ignoble to wish myself in her place, and yet how charming to be able to settle down to a nap, sans peur et sans reproche, at ten o’clock in the morning!

Miyu the cat taking nap number 10 for the day,
David G Paul  

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