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Hanging the Mistletoe, 1860 

Gabriel Charles Rossetti

 ”It was the warmest day of the winter, this day before Christmas, with all the glitter left from a week of frost, and so bright a sun that shadows lay violet-blue in hollows everywhere. The wintering birds had come renewedly awake to a sense of quickened life, and men and women in the Tenterden neighborhood looked out of the windows and involuntarily planned for spring. Celia Eastman had come home from her two months’ visit the day before, and she and her mother were in the kitchen, this forenoon, talking things over. There was a great deal to tell, and Mrs. Eastman was embarking with delight on the full flood of things happened.”

Vad sägs om en romantisk novell, så här i (nästan) juletid.

Mistletoe—A Christmas Eve Love Story” skrevs av Alice Brown, en författare från New England där den här berättelsen utspelar sig. Personerna talar dialekt, men låt det inte avskräcka dig, den är lätt att förstå.

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