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Grattis Jerome!

Jerome David Kern 
27 januari 1885 –  11 november 1945

Mr. Kern was a small, jovial man, with white hair and keen blue eyes behind horn-rimmed glasses. He spoke in sporadic outburst and had a tremendous amount of nervous energy. He was an avid collector of rare books, and at one time it was said that he was better known in the bookshops than in the marts of the musical trade. When, in January, 1929, he disposed of his great collection because it had become too much of a responsibility, the library brought $1,729,462. The next day he passed a bookshop, saw a rare volume and bought it--out of habit, he is supposed to have confessed.

Mother Taught Him Piano
He was born in New York, Jan. 27, 1885, on Sutton Place when it was the city's brewery district. His first association with music came through his mother, who taught him to play the piano. After the usual schooling, his family sent him abroad and he studied composition in Germany and England. His first music job was with the Lyceum Music Publishing Company as a pianist and song-plugger at a salary of $7 a week. He also plugged sheet music at a local department store. Later he took a job with T. B. Harms & amp; Co., music publishers, and eventually became vice president. In 1910 he married Eva Leale in England, where he gained his first real recognition.

 Fine Romance Lyrics

A fine romance, with no kisses
A fine romance, my friend this is
We should be like a couple of hot tomatoes
But you're as cold as yesterday's mashed potatoes
A fine romance, you won't nestle
A fine romance, you won't wrestle
I might as well play bridge
With my old maid aunt
I haven't got a chance
This is a fine romance

A fine romance, my good fellow
You take romance, I'll take jello
You're calmer than the seals
In the Arctic Ocean
At least they flap their fins
To express emotion
A fine romance with no quarrels
With no insults and all morals
I've never mussed the crease
In your blue serge pants
I never get the chance
This is a fine romance

5 kommentarer:

  1. Han har bl.a. komponerat min älsklingssång - All the things you are. För att inte tala om alla underbara melodier i Teaterbåten. Så du kanske förstår hur mycket jag uppskattar honom. Intressant att läsa om honom - jag visste ingenting om honom tidigare. Fred Astaire tillhör också mina favoriter, så tack för inlägget!

    1. Ingrid,
      Jag tycker om många av hans sånger, men just den här fastnade jag för i mina yngre tonår när jag såg filmen hos en granne - långt innan vi hade tv.

  2. Underbara rim! Verkligen finurlig. Jag har aldrig sett texten förut, bara tyckt att den är en trevlig. Men den är ju mer än så!

  3. ...att den är en trevlig sång. (Skulle det ha varit)

    1. Karin,
      Ja, men det är inte riktigt dem text de sjunger. Förresten tillkommer äran av den finurliga texten Dorothy Fields.