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Lördag med Gutenberg

 Hör på radion att det getts ut över 400 kokböcker, i Sverige, bara i år! Och folk köper dem — men använder dem sällan. Att de är vackert illustrerade sägs bero på att vi är så dåliga på att laga mat, att de flesta inte kan laga mat efter de gammaldags, glest illustrerade, kokböckerna. Eftersom jag är så dålig på att följa recept, eller stickbeskrivningar, eller vävnotor eller vilka instruktioner som helst, så gillar jag den gamla sortens recept bäst — de ger mer utrymme för fantasin. 
Här kommer Gutenbergs alla kokböcker väl till pass. Som "The Stag Cook Book, Written for Men by Men" av Carroll Mac Sheridan, från 1922. Boken inleds med en vers och en anekdot:

“They may live without houses and live without books,”
So the saying has gone through the ages,
“But a civilized man cannot live without cooks—”
It’s a libel, as proved by these pages!
For when left by himself in a small kitchenette,
With a saucepan, a spoon and a kettle,
A man can make things that you’ll never forget—
That will put any cook on her mettle.
Where camp fires glow through the still of the night,
Where grills are electric and shiny,
Where kitchens are huge, done in tiling of white,
Where stoves are exceedingly tiny,
Where people are hungry—no matter the place—
A man can produce in a minute
A dish to bring smiles to each skeptical face,
With art—and real food value—in it!
At range and at oven, at (whisper it!) still,
A man is undoubtedly master;
His cooking is done with an air and a skill,
He’s sure as a woman—and faster!
He may break the dishes and clutter the floor,
And if he is praised—he deserves it—
He may flaunt his prowess until he’s a bore. . . .
But, Boy, what he serves—when he serves it!
In the early seventies a French nobleman, living in the neighborhood of Barbizon, was found seated at the table with his face in a plate of soup. Because of the fact that a butcher knife had been inserted via the back between his fourth and fifth rib on the left side, he was quite[x] dead. Clues led nowhere. It became one of the mysteries.
Long afterward an old man tottered into the office of the Prefect and announced that he wished to make a confession.
“Proceed,” said the official.
“’Twas I,” responded the ancient, “who delivered the death stroke to the Duke de la —— thirty-five years ago.”
“What inspired you to make this confession?”
“I do not comprehend. The details, if you please.”
“By profession I was a chef,” said the self-accused. “The Duke, at a fabulous price, enticed me into his service. His first request was that I make for him a perfect consomme. Voilà! For three days I prepared this perfection. With my own hand I placed before him the soup tureen. With my own hand I ladled it out. He inhaled its divine essence; and then, Your Honor, he reached for the saltMon Dieu! I destroy him!”
The Prefect embraced the artist and took him out to lunch. Thus art was vindicated and the incident closed. In the chemistry of cooking, “enough is too much.”
När jag såg bokens titel, trodde jag att det skulle vara en grabbig samling recept på nyskjutna djur, men det är det inte alls — för vad sägs om en rädissallad?

(Ambassador to the United States from France)


The French ambassador presents his compliments and begs to state that he does not believe that any dish, or food, is more palatable than a salad of radishes, the radishes to be cut in very thin slices and to be seasoned with the usual salad dressing.
Editor’s Note:—This salad will be at its best if the foundation, upon which the thin slices of radish are placed, is made of small crisp leaves of romaine. The usual dressing—french, of course—is prepared in this way:
To one tablespoonful of lemon or vinegar add three tablespoonsful of the best olive oil, a dash of black pepper, and a half teaspoonful of salt. Beat well with a silver fork, and add enough paprika to give it a ruddy color, and a rich flavor. If the salad dish is rubbed with garlic it will do no great harm to the mixture!

Eller rispudding - när åt du förresten rispudding senast?

Bruce Barton


I am president of the S. R. R. R. P.—the Society for Restoration of Raisins to Rice Pudding.
I have made a list of New York hotels and clubs and rated them according to the number of raisins they put in a portion of rice pudding as follows:
  • Class D—no raisins
  • Class C—1 raisin
  • Class B—3 or more raisins
  • Class A—plenty of raisins
To my mind, rice pudding without raisins is like Hamlet without the eggs.
  • 1 cup rice
  • 4 cups milk
  • 3 eggs
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoonful salt
  • 1 package seedless raisins
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
Bake one hour in a hot oven. Set the pan inside of another containing hot water.
Serve with whipped cream and garnish with Dromedary dates.
Editor’s Note:—Cook the rice twenty-three minutes.
Flera av recepten är faktiskt användbara, som pandowdy
sweet potato pone (förutsatt att man gillar sötat sötpotatis), eggs mushroomette, stuffed cellery eller tomato wiggle.
Alla de andra kokböckerna jag tänkt presentera, får vänta till en annan dag, för nu är jag mätt och avslutar med en enkel rätt.

Dr. Charles M. Sheldon


A recipe of my favorite dish is very simple—bread and milk with American cheese broken into it. I eat this dish once a day every day and find it wholesome and nourishing. It does not require any skillful putting together, simply a good appetite and a taste for that sort of provender. If there is an apple pie anywhere around to top it off with, I do not despise that.
I find as a rule that the simpler and more elementary the food, the better so far as the body is concerned. And take it the year around a bowl of milk with fresh bread and rich American cheese, finishing up with “good apple pie like mother used to make,” is all the midday meal I need. I can work on that all the afternoon and feel better than if I had had a seven course dinner.

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